Sa fisicool

Advertiser & designer

My last few years have been an incredible journey of self discovery and learning.
Finally I found my calling. This has brought us here. Know my story.

¿Who am I?

Hello! I am Sabina. I am my best self when I play with my creativity. I found my vocation undertaking artistic projects of very different kinds. I started designing when I was 10 years old and now, after two decades of learning, I realized that what I love the most is helping brands with a soul to grow and thrive.

sabina pop sayhellotosa diseño
sabina sayhellotosa branding diseño grafico madrid

What makes me happy

I am a fan of art in all its expressions. Although I have a great passion for design, I declare myself a lover of music in equal measure. An eternal student, I need to learn new things every day. I am obsessed with communication, psychology, languages ​​and other countries. I have a natural inclination towards small details, technology, the environment and I keep a very special place in my heart for animals.

sabina sayhellotosa branding diseño grafico madrid

My evolution



I decided to follow the path of Advertising and PR because I was interested in knowing everything that was hidden behind the art of effective communication. After graduating and doing my final thesis on emotions in advertising, I decided to do a Master's Degree in Human Behavioral Psychology to delve into the subject. I worked in very different branches of the sector: sales, events, social networks, accounts,… but my passion for art was always there, in the background, calling me.



The year 2020 was very fruitful. At that time I was working as an event coordinator and was very happy with what was to come. But the arrival of the pandemic altered the course of events. After a period of instability, I was lucky enough to be able to turn setback into opportunity, and decided to study Graphic and Web Design. I felt like I finally found my calling: applying everything I knew about marketing, psychology, and art to help others communicate.


A happy future

The new mission was underway: I was ready to offer my branding services as a professional. Hours and hours of courses and designs later, I began to publish my work on the Internet in order to pave my way and make myself known. Things were moving. Not only did I receive a lot of support, but it quickly led to interesting proposals and allowed me to be part of a community of admirable designers from whom I learn every day. The future looks happy.